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Saloon Cars

Hire from KSH.3,000

Includes :

Toyota Axio

Toyota Premio

Toyota Fielder

Toyota Allion

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Small SUVs

Hire from KSH.6,000

Includes :

Toyota Rav 4

Nissan X-trail

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4X4 SUVs

Hire from KSH.12,000

Includes :

New Shape Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado J120 series

4x4 Toyota Surf

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Hire from KSH.7,000

Includes :

Toyota Voxy

Toyota Noah

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Safari Custom Made Tour Vans

Hire from US $ 180

Includes :

Customized Toyota Haice

Safari Toyota LandCruiser 4x4

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Shuttles & buses

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Includes :

25 ,29and 33 seaters

30-45 seaters