Booking Terms

By Agreeing to our terms of booking,Metro Car Hire Services will NOT be liable to your misfortunes with our vehicles.

Car Hire Agreement

Self drive cars are hired subject to the company’s standard form of agreement.

Hire Duration

Metro Car Hire Services reserves the right to hire out our vehicles for a minimum of Four days.

Driver's Licence (Self Drive)

The hirer and/or authorized driver must have held a full and valid driving license for a minimum of 3 years up to and including the time of hire and that license must bear no current endorsements during the last two years.

Chauffer Driven

Applicable during working hours (0600 - 1800 hours).Drivers overtime charges after 1800 hrs is US$ 50 per hour.Luxury cars and tour vans MUST be provided with a chauffer.

Fuel Policy

Metro car hire services provides its cars fully fueled.Clients should return the cars with the same fuel state.

Crossing The Border

Written authorization should be obtained from Metro Car Hire Services, should the hirer wish to cross a state border. Our rental vehicles will be allowed into Tanzania and Uganda. Metro Car Hire Services will not accept any responsibility if the hirer is stopped from entry into another country.

Damage Liability Insurance

The Damage liability insurance states that in the event of damage/ loss / theft or mismanagement of the vehicle, The hirer carries full cost of repair for the vehicle if the cost of repair is less than 10% of the insurance value. However if the cost of repair is more than 10% of the vehicles' insurance value or is written off the hirer bears the cost of the excess premium provided by the insurance company.
It is the hirers' sole responsibility to keep the car safe.

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